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“Tom’s performance was nothing short of amazing! We had loads of guests coming up to us and asking where we found Tom from! Everyone was truly impressed by his amazing mind-reading acts and there is no doubt Tom was the highlight of the evening”

DBS Bank

“We were fortunate to involve Tom in a customer event and he did an incredible job. Our customers and employees were engaged and puzzled - we still have people talking about him and his repertoire well after the event. Tom added a unique and exciting perspective that people will remember”


"Prepare to be amazed!  Tom’s personal brand of mind-reading performed at close quarters had everyone thrilled and fascinated at our recent event. Entertaining, funny and extremely clever it has to be seen to be believed"

The Walt Disney Company

"Tom was a great addition to the event and really engaged guests to be a part of the entertainment. His tricks and mind reading skills were WORLD CLASS and left guests in AWE!" 


"Tom's performance was unique, engaging and mind-blowing. So many OMG moments that got us talking long after the performance ended"


"Tom was extremely entertaining and left everyone spellbound as to how he could read their minds so accurately. We were all very impressed with his skills and showmanship and I would totally recommend him for any event where you need to keep your audience on their toes"


"Mind-blowing performance! Tom is truly a witty & captivating performer. Our guests were very impressed by his mind reading ability and so were we!"


"We were so incredibly impressed by Tom’s performance at our recent 10 year celebration. He is truly amazing and managed to blow the minds of everyone he came into contact with. Charming, friendly and incredibly talented, we would love to work with Tom again in the future and would highly recommend engaging his services to brighten up any event."


"Truly sensational. Thank you for the entertaining & engaging performance which brought the event to another level. My guests were all in awe & astounded by his wit & ability to mind-read.

Thank you & I look forward to having Tom DeVoe at our future events!"


"Tom DeVoe is an amazing Mentalist! Our guests loved the mind-blowing experience and were literally screaming for more. Thank you for the incredible entertainment and it's been a great pleasure working with you!"


Tom was polished and stylish, and thoroughly engaged our guests with his uncanny ability to predict thoughts and read minds. I was personally blown away by his performance and would not hesitate to recommend him for any event, large or intimate.


“Amazingly talented, charismatic performer and absolutely a joy to work with! Tom DeVoe brought great entertainment and lots of laughter to our guests.”


"Tom performed at an FT lunch that I hosted, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive from all who attended. He found the right blend of professionalism and fun, and our guests were truly bedazzled, bewildered and delighted by the variety and quality of his tricks. I will certainly look to hire him for future events and can wholeheartedly recommend his services."

Financial Times

"The best entertainment we have ever booked in any country!"

Clarion Events, Singapore

"Tom was easily the highlight of our company event! His act left everyone stunned and amazed - we had people coming to our desks trying to figure his tricks days after our party. Wonderful to work with and a must-have at any event if you want to amaze your guests!" 

Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific

"Tom DeVoe is an absolutely amazing performer - he was charming, funny, and above all, incredibly mindblowing. Definitely the highlight of our whole party, and someone that I'd recommend without any hesitation. Thank you once again for making Circles.Life's year end party so awesome!"


"Tom has certainly made the evening of our Client's Appreciation Night an amazing and memorable one with his mind blowing performance. He is a witty and charismatic performer who manages to capture the heart of the audience. He is also able to customize his performance to send across the message that we wanted to the audience. Thank you Tom, I certainly will recommend you to all our clients."

Meritus Hotels and Resorts


"Tom was  the highlight of the evening for so many. Our members couldn’t stop talking about his amazing ability to read their minds or do the seemingly impossible. He was a great addition to the night, helping make our event one-of-a-kind.”

The American Association of Singapore​

"AMAZING...MIND BLOWING...a TRUE Mentalist! Tom was the subject of conversation all throughout the evening, and the next day still had people baffled. It was a pleasure working with him. People are drawn to his enthusiasm, wit and personable manner which mesmerizes and captivates his audience.  Thank you for making LogiSYM Singapore 2017 an even bigger success!"


"Be prepared to be mystified by Tom's amazing mind-reading performance! Funny, witty and entertaining at the same time, Tom has kept us riveted to our seats the entire performance!"

Dynasty Travel

"A unique and captivating performance. Tom’s mind-reading tricks and illusions while engaging with our guests left them all mindblown!"

Lady M Singapore

“We hired Thomas for the opening of our newly renovated headquarters. It was a milestone event for our company, and his presence made it an even more memorable experience. People are still talking about his performance!”

Eastern Pacific Shipping


"Wow - oh my goodness! Making minds bend! Thank you so much, Tom"

Kiss92FM, Singapore


"Amazing, impossible mind reading abilities"

Channel News Asia

"He guessed our first love, read our minds, and bent a spoon without touching it. It's safe to say that we were so amazed, our jaws almost touched the floor. Literally."



"World Class Master Mind Illusionist - Book him now!"

Voyage Entertainment, Singapore


"Tom DeVoe is not good - he is great, superb, outstanding, one of a kind!  This guy is one of a kind and not a magician. Tom DeVoe is an absolute must see!”

George Washington Ball, Singapore


"Incredible talent - be enthralled, entertained, and enlightened!"

Event Finder, UK


"Tom DeVoe probably knew my darkest secrets the moment I said 'hello'."

The New Paper, Singapore


"How did you do that?! He has mastered the art of thought prediction"

TVNZ, New Zealand


"Amazing, astounding, spectacular!"

LS2 Magazine, UK


"He can read your mind!"

Hindustan Times, India


"The entire city is on the edge of it's seat...he has correctly predicted the newspaper headline one week in advance! It's marvellous - it's fantastic - well done! Congratulations" 

ABC Sydney, Australia (on Tom DeVoe's headline prediction)


"Unparalleled excitement - extremely entertaining!" 

HT Music & Entertainment, India


"The best live show I've seen in years"

Pohutukawa, New Zealand


"He read my mind in seconds..."

Cook Islands News


"Get out - that's amazing. This is wrong - you can't do that! Bloody good! That was unbelievable."

Radio Live, New Zealand


"Encompasses a fresh new energy in his every fibre"

Xi Entertainments, UK


"We'll have to bleep this out - F**K!"

Fever 104FM, India


"Prepare to have your mind warped!"



"Incredible world renowned Mentalist"

The CP People, New Zealand


"Witty, charismatic, funny, astounding, spectacular...really exciting"

LS2 Magazine, UK


"He could read your mind, predict the future and bend solid steel just by thinking about it"

Magic Night, UK

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